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Paul Finebaum Caller Rips Jim Harbaugh After Tweet About "Pete" Finebaum

ESPN's Paul Finebaum.


A caller let Jim Harbaugh have it today on The Paul Finebaum Show.

Phyllis has become a staple on The Paul Finebaum Show. The caller, from Mulga, AL, often rips opposing teams in support of her Alabama Crimson Tide. But, she also defends Paul Finebaum.

Jim Harbaugh sent out a tweet after Paul Finebaum called the Michigan coach an "evil genius." In the tweet, Harbaugh used the wrong first name when talking about Finebaum.

Well, Phyllis took exception to Harbaugh's comments and let the coach have it.

The caller started her abusive comments with this little nugget during her call:

"I'm pissed at Hairbaugh."

Yes, her response to Harbaugh calling Paul Finebaum the wrong name was to call Harbaugh the wrong name. But that was only the beginning.

The audacity that that man's got. Look he's got a good coaching job. He makes millions a year...What I worry about is him keeping his nose out of the University of Alabama and keeping his nose away from you. You done nothing to the man but speak the truth.

He's entitled. He's uppity. He thinks he's better than everybody else. Hairbaugh, you ain't better than nobody!

...I will eat your ass for lunch"

Finebaum when on to say that everyone in the state of Michigan thinks they are better than everyone else.