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Paul Finebaum, Johnny Manziel Appear To Reconcile On Twitter

Paul Finebaum speaks on screen about Notre Dame.


Johnny Manziel and Paul Finebaum made nice on Twitter.

Johnny Manziel and Paul Finebaum haven't always been the best of friends.

Finebaum, the opinionated ESPN radio host, has criticized Manziel in the past. He once compared him to Sharknado and called him "a punk" who was ripping off the public on other occasion.

Today, the pair may have squashed their beef, at least for now.

It started when Finebaum tweeted about Manziel's latest interview on ABC's Good Morning America, during which he opened up about his struggles with substance abuse and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Manziel also talked about wanting to make a football comeback.

"Watching @JManziel2 interview again and appreciate his candor," Finebaum tweeted. "Handled incredibly difficult subject with aplomb. Many suffering have already reacted on show and say Johnny helped them immensely by speaking out. Like everyone, hoping for the best."

Manziel followed up a little while ago.

"As we all know you have been one of my biggest critics. I had a certain dislike in my heart about you that I’ve let go of," Manziel responded. "There’s more to life than just football and my health as a person comes before football everyday of the week. I appreciate you saying this."

">February 13, 2018

Nice to see Twitter be used for something other than fighting and taunting.

Also, best of luck to Manziel on and off the field.