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Paul Finebaum On Ohio State vs. Alabama For Last Playoff Spot

ESPN's Paul Finebaum.


Here's what Finebaum believes will happen.

The No. 4 spot in this year's College Football Playoff might come down to Big Ten champion Ohio State and 11-1 Alabama.

The first three spots will probably go as follows:

  • SEC Championship Game winner
  • ACC Championship Game winner
  • Oklahoma if it wins the Big 12

Then, for that final spot, it will probably be either:

  • Big Ten Championship Game winner
  • Alabama

If the Big Ten champion is undefeated Wisconsin, Alabama's not getting in. But if it's Ohio State? That opens the door for the Crimson Tide.

Paul Finebaum thinks it's obvious who the better team is.

“Ohio State has snuck in this thing twice in the last three years,” Finebaum said on Sunday, per SDS. “Alabama is the better team. Alabama has a loss at Auburn, which has been dominant down the stretch. Compare that with Ohio State losing to Oklahoma and a silly game against Iowa. How is that even a debate?"

The new CFB Playoff rankings come out on Tuesday night.