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Paul Finebaum Reveals His Playoff Foursome After Week 10

Here's Finebaum's playoff picks.

Week 10 of the college football season is in the books, and several teams have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Then-No. 6 Ohio State, No. 7 Penn State, and No. 11 Oklahoma State all lost this week, effectively eliminating each from the playoffs.

While some teams have been eliminated, others are making a push for the final four spots. Miami won a huge ACC contest against Virginia Tech and sits as the only undefeated team in the ACC. Oklahoma also won a high-scoring contest against Oklahoma State to take control of the Big 12.

With only a few weeks remaining, Paul Finebaum updated his playoff picks.

What do you think?

Can the Hurricanes keep winning and crash the playoff? What about an undefeated Wisconsin?