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Paul Finebaum Says Wisconsin Would Be "Lucky" To Finish 4th In SEC

Paul Finebaum makes comments about roy Williams.

The Badgers would be "lucky" to finish in the top third of the SEC.

Paul Finebaum says he was annoyed by the narrative surrounding Saturday night's Big Ten Championship Game.

The ESPN college football analyst said on First Take this morning that Wisconsin, despite being undefeated, didn't at all look the part of a College Football Playoff contender.

He says the Badgers would be "lucky" to finish 4th in the SEC.

From 247Sports:

"The game that bugged me the most was the Big Ten Championship Game and (the notion) had Wisconsin won, they would've gotten the four seed," Finebaum said during Monday's appearance on First Take. "I cover college football primarily in the southern part of the country, but Wisconsin would be lucky to finish fourth in the Southeastern Conference. Ohio State was leaking gas in the fourth quarter. The fact Ohio State couldn't put them away, I think, did them in.

"Had they won 41-10, this committee would’ve gone against everything they were doing and put them in. The point is, the last two years the Big Ten champion has lost 69-0 (in the semifinals). The committee was scared to death, those former head coaches on the committee, "if we put Ohio State in there and they play Clemson ... last year it was 31-0, this year it might've been 38-0. Let’s put Nick Saban in there and roll the dice.'"

It's not crazy to say that Alabama, Auburn and Georgia are all better than Wisconsin, but outside of those three teams, who in the SEC is better than the Badgers?

Wisconsin probably wouldn't be "lucky" to finish 4th.