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Paul Finebaum Thinks Kevin Sumlin Will Be Fired If He Doesn't Win At Least 9 Games

The college football analyst thinks Sumlin is probably gone.

Paul Finebaum thinks Kevin Sumlin is probably coaching his final season at Texas A&M.

The ESPN college football analyst said at SEC Media Days this afternoon that he thinks the Aggies' coach will be gone if he doesn't win at least nine games. A nine-win season might not even be enough, Finebaum says.

"If he wins eight games, he'll be gone," Finebaum said, per 247Sports. "I do not believe, according to the people with whom I've spoken to in College Station, that eight wins is going to be enough. I'm not sure there is a good number for Kevin Sumlin. There's so much heat on him. Nine (wins) is even debatable. What he does on the field will determine whether he's back at media days a year from today."

Finebaum had previously spoken on SportsCenter about the hotness of Sumlin's seat in College Station.

"Sumlin is in trouble," Finebaum said. "He has the misfortune of opening the season at UCLA, of course that's a coach out there, Jim Mora Jr., who could lose his job as well."

Texas A&M faces a difficult slate in 2017, with the opener at UCLA and conference games vs. Alabama, Florida and Auburn, among others.

It's tough to imagine the Aggies winning more than 9 games this season. Even that might be a stretch.