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Paul Finebaum To Clemson: Stop Acting Like You Own College Football

The ESPN college football analyst isn't a big fan of the Tigers these days.

Paul Finebaum seems to be fairly annoyed by Clemson's football program and its fans.

The ESPN college football analyst got into it with a Tigers' fan during his radio show on Friday afternoon.

Finebaum didn't like how a Clemson fan thought Dabo Swinney was in the same coaching greatness category as Nick Saban. Or the fan base's attitude since winning the national title.

"How can you put Dabo in the same sentence as Nick Saban,” Finebaum asked the caller, per TigerNet. "Who died and made Dabo Swinney the greatest coach of all-time? He’s got one national championship, ok? I don’t understand this. Since when did Clemson become the it school in the universe? I've never heard a more intoxicated fan base in my life."

"Quit talking like you own college football," Finebaum said.

OK then.