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Former Auburn Coach Thinks SEC Should Realign Its Divisions

Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye told Paul Finebaum on his show that the SEC should realign its two divisions.

Yesterday on The Paul Finebaum Show, former Auburn head football coach Pat Dye had an interesting take on the SEC divisions and how they're organized. Basically, he thinks that Missouri and Auburn should switch divisions, with Missouri joining the SEC West and Auburn joining the SEC East.

Check it out:

Dye argued that the current setup is unfair to Missouri and its fans, and that he isn't advocating for change to help Auburn, per

"Just think about the inconvenience of the Missouri fans having to travel to the East to watch games on the road, of the families that want to go watch their children play," Dye said. "It just makes no sense for Missouri to be in the East.

"(Auburn is) on the Eastern part of Alabama. We're 30 miles from Georgia. We touch Florida and Tennessee, and we need to be in the East. And Missouri needs to be in the West. They could build traditional games with people that are closer to them, where the fans could travel. ... It's a tremendous disadvantage to Missouri being in the East."

He certainly has a point, but it's unlikely that the SEC divisions will change any time soon. Still, it's worth thinking about if a conference shakeup ever comes to fruition.