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Penn State AD Sandy Barbour: Negative Recruiting "A Slap In The Face To This Profession"

Penn State is a few years and two coaches removed from the Jerry Sandusky scandal rocked the football program, but the Nittany Lions continue to feel the lingering effects of the horrid event. Last month, James Franklin very bluntly called out four programs for their negative recruiting tactics against his program: Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. The fact that Penn State's conference mates would negatively recruit against them is especially appalling to athletic director Sandy Barbour. During a meeting with local media, she was very pointed in her remarks on the things being said about her program.

From Scout:

“Recruiting across the country, it’s crazy,” Barbour said. “And coaches will use absolutely any crack. They’ll create they’re own crack — I'm not talking about drugs — and that’s what’s happened in this case.”


“For someone, anyone, to try to plant in the mind of a 17-year-old that you don’t want to go to Penn State because they’re gonna get hit with the death penalty or there are gonna be more sanctions is not only untrue, but disingenuous and I feel a real slap in the face to this profession,” she added.

Barbour was asked if she has felt the need to intervene when she’s heard of such negative recruiting.

“Particularly if you felt like it was happening in your own conference, I think that’s when you have the conversation,” she said.

 Negative recruiting happens across all of college sports and isn't going anywhere, but Penn State definitely has more to deal with on that front.