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People Don't Seem To Be Buying This Quote From Vanderbilt's Derek Mason

The quote has been received with some head scratching by some.

Derek Mason said something today that people don't seem to be quite buying.

The Vanderbilt head coach said at the SEC meetings that "nobody's cheating in this conference."

Of course, he's not going to say "people are cheating in this conference" but with the Ole Miss scandal and just the overall questioning of what goes on with recruiting, people aren't buying it.

Some of the responses:

Here's the full context of the quote, from

This particular quote was said near the end of a question about the size of support football staffs, and whether having an unlimited amount of people working for a team, compared to a smaller institution, is fair or not. NCAA rules do not limit the size of support staffers. On-field assistant coaches are capped at nine, although programs will be able to hire a 10th beginning on Jan. 9, 2018.

A few questions later, Mason was asked a follow-up to clarify his comment on why he said no one in the SEC cheats.

“You hear a lot of conversations about what people think,” Mason said. “It’s only when you get in this conference and you get into the meetings, and you see what we do as coaches is really above and beyond what’s happening nationally in other conferences. For us, I look at it as we’re doing it the right way.”

That might be fair. It's still going to be met with some skepticism.