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How Everyone Was Fooled By This Apparent Football Recruit

Every time you think college football recruiting can't get any crazier, it always does.

However, it will be hard to top the story of Unique Brissett.

Recently, the name Unique Brissett II began popping up more and more in the recruiting world. An apparent wide receiver from New York City's Globe Institute of Technology, Brissett claimed to hold offers from a number of big-time schools, including Kentucky, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska. It looked like this JUCO recruit had blown up out of nowhere.

Now, it appears that he did. Literally. Unique Brissett II was a hoax, perpetrated by someone posing as a college football prospect.

It fooled a number of outlets. Michigan State's 247Sports site wrote an article featuring quotes from Brissett about his offer from the Spartans and upcoming visit.

Another 247Sports writer posted a piece about Kentucky making Edwards' top eight. It has since been deleted but the tweet remains.

A third 247Sports employee named Andrew Ivins began debunking the myth of Brissett. Ivins covers Miami, and he reported on Monday that the staffs at Miami and Kentucky had not only never offered Brissett, they hadn't even contracted him.

Furthermore, as notes, Brissett's alleged highlight film isn't even his. It belongs to another player. His reported school, Globe Tech, closed down last year. His NCSA recruiting profile lists him at 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, while his since deleted 247Sports profile had him at 5-foot-10, 157 pounds.

"Brissett" deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday. Whoever he is, he certainly made some headlines in a short period of time.