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Peyton Manning Reveals Why He Turned Down Announcing Jobs At Fox, ESPN

Peyton Manning's cachet and on-camera experience made him the target of both Fox and ESPN this season. Both networks wanted the two-time Super Bowl champion to serve as their lead color analyst for prime time games.

But Manning turned down Fox's "Thursday Night Football" and ESPN's "Monday Night Football," even though both companies were reportedly willing to pay upwards of $10 million to lure him. He won't be in the booth this fall.

This week, Manning gave some insight as to why he refused the Fox and ESPN overtures. It seems like he likes his life as it is at the moment.

Saying he "doesn't want to be a critic" right now, Manning prefers just being "a fan" according to Restaurant Business Magazine's Jonathan Maze.

We know Manning doesn't need the money, even if $10 million is a lot of it. There's really no need for him to launch into something that requires such a large commitment if he doesn't want to do it.

This won't be the last you hear regarding Manning and a future in television. He has a ton of charisma and is generally well-liked. Networks will continue to pursue him.

Maybe in a couple of years, when he is more removed from the game and his brother Eli is no longer playing, he'll be more likely to accept an offer to call games.

In the meantime, fans will have to live with seeing him in an ample amount of commercials throughout the week.