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Photo: Eastern Michigan To Install Gray Field At Rynearson Stadium

Having a blue field is certainly has seemed to help make Boise State notable in the football world. Well, that and fielding some awesome, BCS-quality teams. Now another small-conference team, one that could really use a shot in the arm, is changing the color of its playing surface.

Gray seems like a strange choice, but EMU was sure to consult with broadcast companies like ESPN to make sure it wouldn't make games hard to watch.

Eastern Michigan athletic director Heather Lyke reached out to contacts at ESPN to find out if gray would have a negative impact on viewer's experience watching EMU home games. Would the gray color scheme come off poorly on television? Lyke and other university officials wanted to know before pursuing the design choice.

"We got their feedback and insight," Lyke said. "I talked to a number of my contacts there, and they were helpful in terms of what to look for in terms of how the color would impact the presentation."

Eastern Michigan hasn't had a winning season since 1995, and is without a MAC title since 1987. If anyone could stand to mix things up, it is the Eagles.