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Photo: Jacked College Football Referee Is Going Viral Tonight

A referee signaling a touchdown during a Florida Gators game.

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

A jacked-up college football referee is going viral on social media this evening.

Every college football season, a couple of officials attract social media attention for how they fill up their black-and-white striped shirts. The same is true in 2020, even though it's been a season unlike any other.

Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show shared a photo of the jacked-up Big 12 referee on social media. He's got bigger biceps than some of the players.

It hasn't been a great day for the Big 12 Conference as a whole, though.

No. 3 Oklahoma was upset by Kansas State and No. 8 Texas is losing to Texas Tech. Urban Meyer thinks the Sooners are "done."

“I don’t think they can make it,” Meyer said of Oklahoma today. “Shortened season, you’re going to have some COVID issues. There’s going to be things that show up and I think it’s going to be really, really hard for them to make the playoff.”

The Big 12 might be done as a whole if Texas can't stage a fourth-quarter comeback against the Red Raiders.

But, hey, at least the Big 12 Conference has some jacked-up referees.