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Photo: Southern Miss Releases Possible New Helmet Design

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles have released a teaser of their new helmet; and it's looking slick. The proposed lid is black and features new-age stripes in appropriate gold, a fresh logo on one side and each player's number on the other. It's different, and in today's college football, different is usually a good thing. Not to mention, fashion is important in recruiting.

It is interesting that the photo features the No. 4 on the side of the helmet. That just happens to be the number of the most famous of all Golden Eagle alumni. Yep, that's right, Brett Favre. 

">@TheBestGear what do you think?

— SouthernMissEquip (@SouthernMissEQU)

Possible helmet concept next year, chrome decals, gloss black/gold flake @Uniformswag@TheBestGear what do you think?

— SouthernMissEquip (@SouthernMissEQU) February 28, 2014

">February 28, 2014