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Photo: Squirrel Strikes Heisman Pose, Nature Has Learned How Memes Work

We're ten months from declaring the 2014 Heisman winner, and speculation about who will take home the award hasn't even heated up yet. No matter, one ambitious soul has already declared itself the winner of this year's award:

">@TomFornelli via Reddit

— Slade Sohmer (@SladeHV) February 20, 2014

Personally, I don't love Squirrel's chances. He's very small, and top defenses are going to beat him up (if they can catch him), so I don't know if he can make it through a full season without injury. Based on the photo he plays up North. I know Troy Smith won a few years back, but the Heisman doesn't usually go to a player from above the Mason-Dixon. Also, striking a pose before the season? Clearly bad karma.

One thing this little guy has is moxie. Like Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel before him, he believes in himself, and that goes a long way.

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