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Photo: Viral Favorite Team Map Trolls College Football Fans

Louisville cheerleaders pose during a game against Clemson.

CLEMSON, SC - OCTOBER 01: Louisville Cardinals cheerleaders perform prior to the game against the Clemson Tigers at Memorial Stadium on October 1, 2016 in Clemson, South Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

We've all had way too much time on our hands during this nationwide lockdown. One thing that keeps popping up are the "favorite football team" maps by state, each more ridiculous than the last.

Over the weekend, one "favorite team map" started making the rounds and really gave everyone a good laugh. The Twitter user calls it, "Every state's favorite college football team based off of Twitter hashtag usage during the 2019 season."

As you can see from just a cursory glance, the map is a complete troll job, with pretty much every top team's in-state or inter-state rival taking the place of their largest fanbase. Washington State, Oregon State, Oklahoma State and Iowa State all took the places of Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma and Iowa in their respective states.

Ohio State was the favored team of Michigan and vice-versa, North Dakota State was the favored team of South Dakota, and Florida was the favored team of Georgia. We also got to see state universities like Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Utah fall to the likes of Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UAB, Arkansas State and BYU.

Even if you can't read a map, there was one image that should have given the whole thing away. The Green Bay Packers logo was pasted over the state of Wisconsin.

But if there's a funnier one than USC being pasted over South Carolina, we haven't seen it yet.

Well done. That was a tremendous troll job.

What does your favorite football team map look like?