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Photo: Western Michigan's Football Coaches Have Some Very Interesting Business Cards

Having crazy business cards may be the new burgeoning trend in college football recruiting. A few weeks ago, we saw what Vanderbilt's Derek Mason is working with—some really awesome metal cards. Western Michigan coaches, under P.J. Fleck, have gone in a different direction, using a bunch of different images that signify the program's many mantras, most notably, "Row the Boat."


— WMU Football (@WMU_Football)

The Bronco coaches have an ELITE selection of business cards.

— WMU Football (@WMU_Football) June 10, 2014

">June 10, 2014

We already knew about Fleck's sweet wooden "Row the Boat" card, but what do the rest mean? Yahoo's Nick Bromberg reached out to WMU to find out.

Shark: The shark symbolizes a nekton mentality (nekton is a group of marine organisms able to swim independently of a current). The shark is never full, always attacking and always hungry.

Steak: It complements the shark's hunger theme on the adage that a hungry dog is a dangerous dog. Yes, it does look like a tempting cut of meat.

Corn: The corn signifies the farmer's alliance, or the idea that you plant your crops next to crops that are flourishing. So the idea here is to associate yourself with people who are successful.

Shoe: The shoe is a Prefontaine shoe, for famed distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Fleck wants his players to operate at a fast "Prefontaine pace."

Heart: Those that work hard with heart are the ones who are successful.

That's a whole lot of symbolism. The Broncos had a rough season last year, going 1-11 under Fleck in his first year, but he must be doing something right on the recruiting trail. Western Michigan had one of the most improved recruiting cycles in the country this year.

[Dr. Saturday via Lost Lettermen]