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Photos: What Your Team's Logo Would Look Like In Rival Colors

Someone created logos with your team's rival colors. It's tough to look at.

If you're a college football fan, you presumably have a favorite team. Not only are the colors of that school a major part of your wardrobe, you swear you bleed them.

Conversely, the sight of a rival team's colors or uniforms makes you want to puke. You can't stand to look at them.

Imagine for a second, however, if the color schemes were reversed? What would happen?

What if Ohio State's logo was Maize and Blue? What if Michigan's logo was Scarlet and Gray?

Wonder no more...

Below are some images from Reddit user SendHerHome22, featuring college logos in their rival school's colors. Warning: It's tough to look at.

The full thread, featuring over 150 logos, can be found here.

Some of the worst/best: