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Minnesota Walk-On Linebacker Surprised With Scholarship Via Easter Egg Hunt

Minnesota football team holds up eggs from their Easter egg hunt.


Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck surprised junior Blake Cashman with a scholarship in an awesome Easter-themed way.

P.J. Fleck is already endearing himself to his players, and what he did earlier this week is a great example of why.

On Wednesday, Fleck staged a massive Easter egg hunt for the players, hiding 1,000 eggs throughout Minnesota's football facility. That, in itself, is pretty awesome (just admit it, hunting for Easter eggs is fun, even as an adult) but he took it a step further by arranging the entire charade around a surprise announcement for junior linebacker Blake Cashman. Cashman, a walk-on, would learn via a message inside an Easter egg that he'd earned a scholarship.

Check out the video, it's great.


Naturally, the players hoot and holler and attack Cashman after he realizes what has happened. Cashman also gives a nice little speech at the end too, thanking the older players for showing him the ropes and for their unwavering support.

Then, to top it all off, Fleck announces he's taking the entire team to dinner at Fogo de Chao, one of the top Brazilian steakhouses in the country. Not a bad day to be a Gopher football player, that's for sure.

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