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Police Department Trying To Find This Fan For College GameDay

Over the weekend, Kirk Herbstreit and Chris "The Bear" Fallica dropped several hints about where College GameDay would head for Week 8. All hints pointed towards GameDay heading to Washington State for its game against Oregon.

Saturday night, Herbstreit confirmed the GameDay crew is heading to Pullman for a huge Pac-12 contest between the No. 12 and No. 25 teams in the country.

Ahead of the weekend's action, Pullman police are searching for one fan to be a part of College GameDay. So who are they looking for?

The famous Washington State Popcorn Guy. No, really.

Disgusted by his team's performance against Stanford five years ago, Popcorn Guy decided to empty a bag of popcorn on his face. Check it out.

Stanford demolished Washington State 55-17 that year, but this fan has become an internet sensation in the years following the incident.

Now, College GameDay has solicited the help of Pullman police and internet sleuths everywhere to find this man.

Will he be a part of the show on Saturday morning? Stay tuned.