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The Most Popular Top 25 College Football Team In Each State

This map comes courtesy of eBay. It is based off sales on eBay, but there is a catch. It only counts teams that are in the current AP Top 25.

Because of that criteria, you see some results that might surprise you and wouldn't hold up if the pool of teams wasn't restricted.

Anyway, here's a look at the most popular Top 25 college football team in each state.

There's no way Notre Dame is the most popular team in Pennsylvania, no chance Iowa leads the way in Nebraska, etc. There are a few other results that fit that mold as well. Also, as one astute Twitter user pointed out, the name for the University of Oklahoma is incorrect.

Rovell also tweeted another interesting fact from eBay.

Roll Tide. O-H-I-O. Those two fan bases are something else, no matter how you judge it.