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This Graphic Shows The Year Of Every Power 5 Team's Last Bowl Win

A graphic of each team's last bowl win.

Check out the last time each Power 5 conference school won a college football bowl game with the helpful chart below.

College football bowl season is basically over. It's sad! All we have left now is the national championship game—a rematch of last year's contest featuring Alabama and Clemson. It'll be fun to watch, but still, nothing is better than waking up nearly every day with a full slate of college football games. It can't be beat.

So, if like me, you can't get enough of bowl game season—and also like cool stats and graphics—then check out this interesting chart below, it has every Power 5 conference team and the last year in which they won a bowl game:

You'll notice a large chunk of Power 5 teams have won a bowl game in the last four years, then it drops off dramatically. Teams that are consistently good tend to make bowl appearances and also tend to win—not that surprising.

But there are also some unexpected takeaways. With how consistently bad Texas has been over the last few years, it's hard to believe the Longhorns have won a bowl game more recently than Iowa who've been quite good in recent years. The biggest outlier, though, and the saddest part of the graphic for me, an IU graduate, is that the Hoosiers haven't won a bowl game since 1991. 1991! 25 years ago—I was not even alive then. Colorado is second to last, but even the Buffaloes won a bowl game as recently as 2004.

Here's to hoping that the teams that haven't won in a decade or more finally get a bowl win in 2017.