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Predicting Who Will Be Coaching Alabama, Notre Dame By 2028

Alabama and Notre Dame announced some major scheduling news today. The two programs have officially set a non-conference series.

The Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish are set to play a home-and-home series in 2028 and '29. The first game will be in South Bend, Ind. The second game will be in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

The series is a long way away, obviously. Ten years from now, these two programs are probably going to look a lot different.

Who's going to even be coaching these teams by the time they meet in 2028? Here are some fun, early predictions.

Alabama: Dabo Swinney

This is an easy, surface-level pick. Swinney-to-Alabama has been a major storyline for a while. Sure, Swinney is building something incredible at Clemson, and there's really no need for him to ever leave the Tigers. He's proven he can accomplish everything at Clemson that he could at Alabama.

But Swinney is an Alabama native. He played for the Crimson Tide. The lure of an alma mater - especially when that alma mater is Alabama - has proven to be too strong for many.

If Alabama comes calling when Saban leaves and offers Swinney a massive contract, it's going to be very hard for him to say no.

Notre Dame: Urban Meyer

Ohio State recently agreed to a contract extension for Urban Meyer. It very much looks like the Buckeyes' head coach is going to be in Columbus for a while.

Meyer, though, has previously admitted that Notre Dame is his dream job. Meyer has been at Ohio State since 2012. Is he really going to coach the Buckeyes for 15-plus years? It seems doubtful based on his history.

Notre Dame could present him with the final great opportunity of his career. Meyer has admitted that building something great is almost more enjoyable than sustaining something great. Restoring national title greatness in South Bend, a place he previously coached, would be an awesome final stop for the legendary coach.


The odds of this happening is probably less than 1 percent, of course. But how fun would it be if this actually did happen?