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Punishment Revealed For Alabama Player Who Punched Opponent

alabama player caught punching an opponent

Last weekend, an Alabama football star was caught by ESPN's cameras throwing multiple punches at a Missouri lineman while he was on the ground after a play. Somehow, the Crimson Tide standout wasn't ejected from the contest - though he did receive a penalty.

Raekwon Davis, a junior All-SEC defensive lineman for Nick Saban's team, was penalized for some after-the-play misconduct.

In the wake of the incident, Nick Saban said he would take playing time away from the star lineman, though did not specify how much time Davis would miss.

Just before kickoff of the Crimson Tide's game against Tennessee, it was revealed that Davis will sit for the first half.

The star lineman won't be able to play for the first 30 minutes, though Alabama's defense should be just fine without him. Tennessee's offense has struggled for the majority of the season and a match-up against the Crimson Tide won't change that.

Alabama and Tennessee can be found on CBS.