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Arkansas, Texas Send Flowers In Honor Of Late Colorado Mascot Ralphie IV

Two schools with famous live mascots—Arkansas and Texas—sent flowers in honor of the late Ralphie IV, Colorado's former mascot who passed away on Sunday.

The official Ralphie Twitter account tweeted photos of the arrangements from Tusk and Bevo, which were left at the Ralphie statue at the Champions' Plaza on Colorado's campus.

Ralphie IV roamed the Colorado sidelines at football games for over 10 seasons before her retirement in 2008.

Caretaker John Graves spoke about Ralphie IV's tenure after her passing. Via

Ralphie IV will be greatly missed by all," Graves added. "It really is a sad day for the Ralphie Program, the University and for CU fans across the nation. Fans knew Ralphie IV for her right horn that grew crooked, the Handlers that had the privilege to work with her knew her for her unique personality.

"She had a great career at the University and enjoyed all the times she led the football team onto the field, both at Folsom and at away stadiums. After retirement she lived a great life grazing away in her pastures. We lost a great buffalo, a great mascot, and a great icon."

R.I.P. Ralphie IV.