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Ranking Every Power 5 College Football Program In 2016, No. 66 to No. 1

At the end of last week, we showed you a preview of our ranking of every Power 5 college football program in 2016. We released the top 10 teams on our list, which you can see here

Now we're going to release our complete ranking of every Power 5 program (plus Notre Dame and BYU), No. 1 to No. 66. 

We arrived at our rankings like this: a six-team panel at College Spun graded every program, 1-10, in five different categories. 

Those categories:

  • On-field success
  • Recruiting prowess
  • Head coach
  • Future hope
  • Stability 

The scores were then added up and every school was ranked based on its scores, No. 1 to No. 66. You can view the scores here

The rankings are basically: which programs are set up best to win now and into the future. A program like Michigan hasn't achieved a ton on the field lately, but the Wolverines might be in better shape going forward than a program like Michigan State, which has been better on the gridiron in recent seasons. 

Here are our rankings. 

No. 66 - No. 50 >>>

66. Kansas 

Congrats, Jayhawks. You're the worst college football program in the country. It's kind of crazy to think it's only been about a decade since this program was playing in the Orange Bowl. Times have surely changed. 

65. Wake Forest 

There are multiple ACC programs near the bottom of our list, but the Demon Deacons come in lower than the rest. Deservedly so, too. Wake Forest hasn't had a winning record since 2008 and there isn't much reason for optimism. 

64. Boston College 

Not much separated the Golden Eagles from the Demon Deacons in our rankings, but BC comes in slightly higher than Wake Forest. The Northeast is a tough place for college football to succeed. 

63. Vanderbilt 

The Commodores are the worst program in the best conference. James Franklin had a decent stretch here, but this is still a team that hasn't EVER had a season with double-digit wins. 

62. Iowa State 

The Cyclones have just been really, really bad. Iowa State's had a combined eight wins over the last three seasons. It's tough to foresee the Ames, Ia. program turning it around any time soon, too. 

61. Purdue 

The Boilermakers have some decent tradition and a pretty good roster of former players, but man, they've been terrible in the Big Ten lately - six wins over the last three years. There's not much Purdue can do to make things better, either. 

60. Colorado 

This might be too low for the Buffaloes - one of the best programs in college football in the early 1990s - but the numbers don't lie. Colorado comes in near the bottom of our rankings. The move to the Pac-12 doesn't help with recruiting and this is a team that should continue to be one of the worst in its division. 

59. Illinois 

The Illini should be in better shape. They have a decent recruiting area and some okay tradition along with a decent fan base. But it just hasn't been working in Champaign, Ill. Will it start to? 

58. Syracuse 

The Orange just made a pretty solid coaching hire, pulling Dino Babers from Bowling Green. Perhaps Syracuse can start to achieve in the ACC. It'll be tough, though, playing in that cavernous stadium with a not-so-great recruiting landscape. 

57. Virginia 

The Commonwealth State is a good one for recruiting and this Charlottesville, Va. program plays on a beautiful, historic campus. Why can't the Cavaliers be better? Some of their lack-of-success can probably be attributed to Virginia Tech being the far better program in-state. 

56. Rutgers 

There was a time not too long ago when the Scarlet Knights were a very respectable program. It's been rough lately, though. The move to the Big Ten doesn't seem to have helped - the top programs in the conference are coming into New Jersey and taking all of the Garden State's big recruits. 

55. Indiana 

The Hoosiers have some decent things going for them. We like Kevin Wilson. They've played some really good teams tough. But in a division with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State, can Indiana ever really break through on the gridiron? It's doubtful. 

54. Minnesota 

The past couple of years have been pretty solid for the Golden Gophers. This just isn't a program that's set up to achieve a ton in this day and age, though. Eight or nine wins seem like Minnesota's ceiling. 

53. Oregon State 

This seems a little too high for the Beavers, but OSU does have eight seasons with eight-plus wins since 2000. Recruiting will always be tough in the Pacific Northwest, especially with Oregon getting most of the top in-state talent. 

52. Kentucky 

The Wildcats have shown some promise in recent seasons and the recruiting is really starting to pick up in Lexington, Ky. Playing in the SEC, though, it's difficult to imagine Kentucky ever really becoming a contender. 

51. N.C. State 

The Wolfpack will never be terrible, but it seems like there's a ceiling for this program, too. And that ceiling is probably being a respectable-at-best, second-level program in the ACC. 

50. Washington State 

The Cougars being this high is due to two categories: head coach and future hope. Thanks to Mike Leach, there are some reasons for optimism at Washington State. This is a program that won nine games last season, after all. 

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49. Missouri 

The Tigers have been far better than expected during their first couple of seasons in the SEC, but the Columbia, Mo. program just doesn't have enough resources to contend like many of the conference's other programs can. 

48. BYU 

The Cougars' future success could come down to conference realignment. If a day does come when there are four super conferences playing for a national title, will BYU be in one? 

47. California 

The Golden Bears are in a state with a ridiculous amount of talent, so there's potential for the Berkeley, Calif. program. Will California ever really be able to take advantage of that, though? 

46. Arizona State 

There's reason for optimism for the Sun Devils. There has been some decent success lately and everything that has been working for ASU should continue to work. This is a program with some decent upside. 

45. Pittsburgh 

This just seems like a program that will pretty much always win seven or eight games, but rarely - if ever - more. And that's fine. But Pittsburgh will probably forever be in that second or third tier in the ACC. 

44. Maryland 

In a couple years, we might look back and say this was way too low for the Terrapins. There's the Under Armour partnership. There's the pretty great recruiting area. Can Maryland take advantage? 

43. Texas Tech 

Okay, this feels a little too high for the Red Raiders. But they are in Texas and boast a young head coach with some potential. The on-field results just haven't been there, though. 

42. Utah 

The move to the Pac-12 has certainly been beneficial to the Utes. Utah was one of the best teams in the conference a year ago. Whether or not this type of success can consistently be achieved obviously remains to be seen. 

41. Arizona 

The Wildcats are basically a better version of Arizona State, which came in a couple spots lower at No. 46. Arizona has a really good head coach and some pretty solid hope for the future. 

40. Kansas State 

What will the Wildcats look like without legendary head coach Bill Snyder? We're going to find out soon. But the foundation in Manhattan, Ks. is pretty strong because of their all-time great head coach. 

39. Georgia Tech 

The Yellow Jackets have a good head coach. They're located in one of the most-fertile recruiting areas in the country. This should always be a respectable college football program. 

38. Duke 

The Blue Devils are no longer a basketball school with a laughable college football team. Duke's been pretty good on the field in recent seasons and the recruiting is starting to reflect that, too. 

37. Northwestern 

The Wildcats seem like a bit of an outlier in our rankings. Gut feeling says they should be 10 or so spots lower. But they're in the far easier Big Ten West Division with a pretty solid head coach. 

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36. West Virginia

This is a consistently top 25 team coming in outside the top 25 of our rankings, but the potential just isn't really there for West Virginia. The move to the Big 12 has been fine but it's tough to imagine the Mountaineers ever really contending for College Football Playoff berths. 

35. South Carolina 

The Gamecocks were pretty much a laughing stock before Steve Spurrier arrived in Columbia, South Carolina. What will they be without them? The Will Muschamp era is set to begin this fall. 

34. Washington 

The Huskies are one of the more-intriguing programs to watch going forward. Washington boasts an incredibly accomplished head coach and has a decent amount of tradition. Will that add up to some championship contention? 

33. Virginia Tech 

The Hokies have been one of the top 10-15 programs in college football since 2000. Virginia Tech has been trending downward in recent seasons, though, and legendary coach Frank Beamer is now retired. 

32. Iowa 

This might seem too low for a program that just had a 12-0 regular season. Can the Hawkeyes capitalize on 2015 and start to recruit at a level that will allow them to consistently be in the top 10-15? 

31. Mississippi State 

Dan Mullen has been fantastic for the Bulldogs and there's been some nice success. But recruiting has been tough and they're in the brutal SEC West. The best times might be behind this Starkville, Miss. program. 

30. Arkansas 

Like MSU, the Razorbacks are in the miserable SEC West. Bret Bielema is a top 15-20 coach, though, and unlike the Bulldogs, Arkansas has shown a capability to consistently bring in top talent. 

29. Penn State 

The Nittany Lions have a lot going for them, but the on-field success just hasn't been there. Add in the fact that they play in the Big Ten East Division with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State, and Penn State probably won't be contending for any titles any time soon. 

28. Oklahoma State 

This is a program that is trending upward. The Cowboys won't ever be at the same level as in-state rival Oklahoma, but they've been kind of close lately. That should continue, too. Mike Gundy has a good thing going in Stillwater.

27. North Carolina 

If you could buy stock in college football programs, you would buy it in the Tar Heels. Recruiting has taken off and this Chapel Hill, North Carolina program is starting to reach its potential. 

26. Nebraska 

The 2015 season was brutal, but the Huskers and Mike Riley are starting to show signs of hope in 2016, especially on the recruiting trail. We might look back on this No. 26 ranking and shake our heads in a couple years. 

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25. Louisville 

The Cardinals probably wouldn't be this high if they played in a tougher conference like the Big Ten or the SEC, but there's no reason to think this program can't be the third or fourth best consistently in the ACC. 

24. Wisconsin 

The Badgers are just consistent and should continue to be. Playing in the Big Ten West Division, a conference title game appearance is something that could happen most years, too. 

23. Texas A&M 

The potential is there for the Aggies. That potential is College Football Playoff-high, too. But they're in the SEC West. Can Kevin Sumlin ever lead A&M past Alabama, Auburn, LSU, etc. ?

22. Texas 

This seems ridiculously low for the Longhorns. Texas might be the best job in college football, after all. But they've really struggled in recent seasons. And how long will Charlie Strong be around? 

21. Miami 

Mark Richt has injected a lot of hope for the Hurricanes' program. Can he elevate Miami to - or at least somewhat close - to the elite level it was at in the early 2000s? The upcoming season is a big one. 

20. UCLA 

Like North Carolina, this is a college football program you would want to buy stock in. The Bruins, led by Jim Mora Jr., are starting to recruit at a pretty elite level. This is a program that should contend for Pac-12 titles. 

19. Tennessee 

The Volunteers could be the class of the SEC East in the coming years. They're expected to win the division this season and things are set up for that to continue to happen. 

18. Auburn 

Times have been tough for the Tigers in recent seasons, but this is still a program just a couple of years removed from a national title game appearance. And that appearance was just a couple of years after they won it all. Auburn remains a top 20 program. 

17. USC 

Too low for the Trojans? They should be a top 10 program - top-five, maybe - but the head coach is a question mark and the on-field results have been lacking in recent seasons. 

16. Florida 

If the 2015 season was a sign of what's to come for the Gators, they'll be back in the top 10 in no-time. But they're not the clear favorite in the SEC East in the seasons to come, with Georgia and Tennessee both possessing some serious potential, too. 

15. TCU 

Gary Patterson is a top-five coach. The Horned Frogs have had top 10 results in recent years, too. The ceiling just isn't as high as a couple others programs in the Big 12, though. 

14. Ole Miss 

The Rebels have been one of the SEC's best teams in recent seasons. And they've been the only conference squad to knock off Alabama. Can Hugh Freeze keep it rolling in Oxford, Miss.? 

13. Baylor 

The Bears have been this close to College Football Playoff berths over the last two seasons. Will the 2016 season finally be the year they break through? Baylor will have to get past Oklahoma first. 

12. Georgia 

Few programs have a higher ceiling than the Bulldogs, who play in one of the richest recruiting areas in the country with no other real in-state threat. Will Kirby Smart prove to be the right hire for this Athens, Ga. program? 

11. Michigan State 

The Spartans have been a top 10 program over the last five years or so, but they come in outside the top 10 because there are two other programs in their own division with much higher ceilings. 

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We released the top 10 of our ranking last week, so we're not going to do a complete rundown of those teams again. You can read the full top 10 with breakdowns here

Here they are, though: 

10. Oregon

9. Stanford

8. Notre Dame

7. Oklahoma

6. LSU

5. Michigan

4. Clemson

3. Florida State

2. Ohio State

1. Alabama

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