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Watch: Ref Causes Fumble In The Sun Bowl

A referee caused a fumble during the Sun Bowl.

big cat/Vine

A referee helped cause a fumble in the Sun Bowl.

It's tough out here for refs. Referees receive more criticism than they do praise, especially when the game is on the line. Usually, the criticism comes when a ref makes a bad call.

Well, the Sun Bowl brought about a different kind of critique. North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky escaped the rush and darted up the field for a short gain, but ran into a ref on the way. The ref's right hand hit the ball, and Trubisky fumbled.

You can see the ref trying to escape the play, yet he doesn't react quickly enough. Trubisky didn't help matters, leaving the ball wide open for a defender, or in this case a ref, to come in and knock it out

Stanford recovered the fumble in North Carolina territory and went on to kick a field goal.

Stanford leads North Carolina 13-7 at the half.