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Report: ESPN Settles Ex-Makeup Artist's Claim Of Sexual Harassment Against Chris Berman

A former ESPN makeup artist has settled a sexual harassment claim against the company after alleging that she was harassed by ESPN anchor Chris Berman, according to a report by The Big Lead.

Sue Baumann, the makeup artist at the heart of the suit, made allegations against Berman going back several years, citing in-person comments and text messages. Baumann had worked on the set of ESPN's NFL Countdown with Berman and co-hosts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka and Tom Jackson.

In an interesting twist, Baumann had an extramarital affair with Carter during her time at ESPN, which looks like it caused her marriage to break up, according to The Big Lead's report.

This one gets a bit convoluted, so we recommend heading over to TBL and digesting the entire report.