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Sam Darnold Had A "Weird" Recruiting Visit At Arizona

The visit with the Wildcats apparently wasn't a flattering one.

Bleacher Report published a deep dive on Sam Darnold, perhaps the best quarterback in college football, today.

Included in the feature is an anecdote about Darnold's recruiting visits.

Apparently, the then-four-star recruit had a "weird" visit at Arizona.

From Bleacher Report:

By the spring of his junior year, Sam (who likely could have been a mid-major Division I basketball recruit) had been pursued hardest in football by Utah and Tennessee, but his future was uncertain. He took visits to Duke, to Northwestern, to Oregon, to Utah, to San Diego State, to Arizona. Coaches came to San Clemente to watch him throw.

“The weird one was Arizona,” says Mike Darnold. “They were interested, but one of the coaches—I won’t name him—kept saying he was bothered by Sam’s wrist motion and wouldn’t take him unless he fixed it. We had no idea what he was talking about, but last year Sam beat Arizona [48-14]. His wrist looked pretty good.”

Darnold went on to commit to USC, and it's unclear if Arizona ever had a serious chance at landing him anyway.

The Trojans are set to take on the Wildcats in Los Angeles on Nov. 4 this season.