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Scott Frost's Message To Nebraska Fans About Coaching UCF's Bowl Game

The Huskers' new head coach had a message for his fans.

Scott Frost confirmed today that he'll be coaching UCF's Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl game against Auburn.

This decision could be seen as somewhat controversial, considering Frost has a ton of responsibilities at Nebraska right now.

However, the Huskers' new head coach had a calming message for his fan base regarding all of that.

Check it out:

“In any of these bowl games, the same operating methods would be used,” Frost said. “Coaches would be out on the road recruiting for a week, and then we’d come back and coach a team and probably go out the same day and recruit and come back and coach the team. That’s the way these things work and that’s the way that every team that’s coaching a bowl is doing it right now. We’re going to be as committed or more committed than we would have been if nothing changed, but it was great to be back and see these kids again.”

That's well said, and a logical response.