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Scott Frost's Suggestion For The College Football Playoff

Scott Frost speaking on ESPN.

Here's what the former UCF head coach/current Nebraska head coach wants to see.

You can unsurprisingly count former UCF head coach Scott Frost among those who want to see the College Football Playoff expand in the future.

Nebraska's new head coach, who led the Knights to an undefeated season capped with a Peach Bowl win over Auburn, said on ESPN this morning that he'd like to see the field get larger.

His idea:

  • 8 teams
  • Automatic bids to the five Power 5 conference champions
  • Three at-large teams
  • If one of the Group of 5 teams have a season like UCF did, they get one of those at-large berths

This was his full response:

"I'd love to see it go to eight (teams)," he said on SportsCenter this morning. "I think eight could include five conference champions and three at-large teams, and if one of the Group of 5 teams has a season like we had at UCF, then maybe they deserve to get in. I like any sport - and I heard Coach Saban say this - I like any sport where things are decided on the field and it's not subjective, the champion isn't decided by 12 people sitting in a board room."

A lot of people would agree with that.

UCF, meanwhile, has declared itself a national champion despite not making the College Football Playoff. The Knights are paying out national title bonuses to its coaching staff, will have a parade, make a trip to Disney World and hang a national championship banner.

The big question will be if UCF gets any No. 1 votes in the AP Poll that is set to come out after the College Football Playoff game. It's possible a voter or two will put the Knights ahead of whoever wins the Alabama-Georgia game on Monday night.