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Scott Van Pelt Has Blunt Message For Kirk Herbstreit's Critics

A general photo of Kirk Herbstreit.

SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 05: Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN attends the Party At The Playoff at The GlassHouse on January 5, 2019 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for ESPN)

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt has come to College Gameday's Kirk Herbstreit's defense after Herbstreit received some online criticism on Saturday.

The popular College GameDay analyst stayed home on Saturday, rather than joining the rest of the show's crew. Herbstreit revealed on Friday that he came in contact with someone with coronavirus in Nashville this past week. Luckily, Herbstreit tested negative for COVID-19. But out of precaution, Herbstreit stayed home during Saturday's College GameDay.

Herbstreit has been on the receiving end of heavy criticism from some trolls for his decision. Many have argued the College GameDay's analyst's decision wasn't necessary seeing that he tested negative for COVID-19. The absurd criticism hasn't been received too well by Scott Van Pelt.

The ESPN analyst came to Herbstreit's defense on Saturday. Van Pelt said no one would treat Herbstreit like how he's being treated if it was a face-to-face interaction.

"Every one of whom would ask for a picture if they met him," Van Pelt said on Twitter. "Nobody acts like this in the real world. Nobody. It’s only the on line persona. None of it can be taken seriously."

He's right - the online social media world has allowed users to hide behind a screen while dishing out criticism. Saturday's criticism of Herbstreit is absolutely absurd.

The College GameDay analyst is simply doing what he feels is best. Plus, he was still able to participate during Saturday's show.

We're certainly hoping Herbstreit remains healthy and returns to the College GameDay set sometime soon.