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SEC Officials Release Official Statement On End Of Auburn vs. Arkansas Game

Arkansas football recovers a fumble against Auburn, but after the play was blown dead.


Saturday's contest betwen SEC West foes Auburn and Arkansas ended in controversial fashion. The league's officials have now released an official statement on the play in question.

With just 30 seconds to play and the Tigers on the Arkansas 19-yard-line, Auburn quarterback Bo Nix was supposed to spike the ball and let his field goal kicker take a shot at the win.

But Nix accidentally bobbled the snap, dropping the ball in the process. He then proceeded to spike the ball backwards.

The referees ruled the play intentional grounding. But replay suggested it was clearly a fumble, since the ball was spiked backwards.

Auburn's Anders Carlson later made a 39-yard field goal to give his team the win.

The SEC's officials have now released an official statement on the play, and Arkansas fans are going to be heartbroken. In short, because the refs blew the play dead and there was no clear recovery by either team, the play was not reversed, despite the fact that it was clear it was a fumble.

It's a tough pill to swallow for Arkansas, which has been much improved this year and was incredibly close to pulling off a huge upset.

Auburn, which should feel fortunate, next gets South Carolina on the road next week. Arkansas will take on Ole Miss at home.