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Skip Bayless Appears To Have Been Caught Using Fake Accounts To Promote Himself

Skip Bayless may have made a very embarrassing mistake on Sunday night.

FOX Sports personality Skip Bayless is understandably obsessed with promoting his new show - Undisputed - and he goes about it in many ways. But what appears to have happened on Sunday night goes a little overboard.

Bayless, while doing a Facebook Live analysis during the Cowboys vs. Buccaneers game, appeared to praise himself on the platform during the broadcast. Most people believe he (or whoever runs his account) forgot to switch accounts to a "fake" profile that he also runs.

For anyone who doesn't believe it's real - Goodin, the commenter, took to Twitter to verify it.

Obviously, Bayless didn't mean to praise himself. So whoever runs his account also has access to such an account that would have the ability to do that. In short, it's possible that Bayless uses fake accounts to post positive comments on his social media offerings.

Bayless has not commented on the situation. He probably won't, either.