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Watch: Speedy Noil Nearly Breaks Combine Record With Insane Vertical

Speedy Noil nearly breaks vertical jump record at NFL combine.


Former Texas A&M wide receiver Speedy Noil took flight on Saturday at the NFL Combine with an incredible 43.5 inch vertical.

The NFL Combine is the perfect showcase for lesser-known players to become known and improve their draft stock with scouts and NFL execs, and former Texas A&M wide receiver Speedy Noil did just that today with a bonkers 43.5 inch standing vertical leap.

Check it out:

Crazy. The NFL Combine record is 45 inches, set in 2015 by then Georgia WR Chris Conley. Noil was "only" an inch and a half away, but when you can jump that high, does an extra inch and a half even really matter? I'd be happy if I could touch the rim when I'm playing basketball at the gym. Meanwhile, Noil could probably jump over 15 of me.

At 5-foot-11, 200-pounds, Noil is considered undersized, but as his vertical jump shows, he's insanely athletic. He's also been clocked at 4.45 for the 4o-yard dash. while CBS Sports predicts he'll go undrafted in April, I find it hard to believe a team will pass up on a receiver this physically gifted.

In his three seasons with the Aggies, Noil caught 88 passes for 1,134 yards and nine touchdowns.