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Stephen A. Smith Apologized To Dwayne Haskins For Ridiculous Comments

stephen a. smith talks on first take


Two months ago, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith made a controversial comment regarding Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. The ESPN personality suggested he would take Kyler Murray over Haskins because he viewed the former Buckeyes star as "more of a runner than a thrower."

The take seemed counter-intuitive at the time and Haskins himself weighed in on Smith's comments.

"Run or throw Ima still win the game," Haskins said with a

Run or throw Ima still win the game 🤷‍♂️

— Dwayne Haskins, Jr🌹 (@dh_simba7) February 8, 2019

">popular meme of LeBron James.

Two months later, Haskins made the rounds on ESPN's plethora of morning shows with just a week remaining before the draft.

During his appearance on First Take, Stephen A. Smith started the show with an apology to Haskins for his misguided analysis of the former Ohio State star.

"I just want to say welcome to the show. My apologies for being ignorant. [Max Kellerman] was on the money about you, but I was being an ignorant fool. I had to go back and watch the tapes. My bad, my bad," Smith said to Haskins on Friday morning.

Here's full video of the clip.

Stephen A. doesn't often admit when he's wrong, but in the presence of Haskins, Smith had no choice.

The former Ohio State star is expected to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft.