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Stephen A. Smith Voted Most Annoying Person In Sports Media

It's official. Stephen A. Smith is the most annoying person in sports media. You the people have spoken.

Stephen A. took down fellow First Take partner Skip Bayless, 52%-48%, to take the crown. That means that Smith, the overall 1-seed in our 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media bracket, held serve throughout the entire tournament. We can't say we're surprised.

Thank you to everyone who voted - we had over 600,000 votes cast during the tournament. You can see the results of the first round here, the second round here, the Sweet 16 here, the Elite 8 here, the Final Four here and the title game here.

We've put together a little something to commemorate the event - our version of One Shining Moment to celebrate Stephen A's victory.

Here's the final bracket. Congratulations to Stephen A. Smith - we think.

most annoying people in sports media final four.

Prepare yourselves for next year's tournament.