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Tate Martell's Not Happy With Ohio State's Adriatico's News

The iconic pizza spot might be getting torn down.

Ohio State announced plans today to potentially tear down Adriatico's, the iconic pizza place on South Campus, and put up some office buildings in its place.

Buckeye Nation promptly freaked out about the proposed plans, which look like they'll be going through.

Adriatico's took to Twitter to try to calm people down, saying they're working with Ohio State on developing a new location for the restaurant, but it's unclear when or where that'll be.

Ohio State freshman quarterback Tate Martell is not happy.

A lot of Ohio State's freshman football players live right by Adriatico's on 11th Avenue.

If the Buckeyes' recruiting efforts are going to take a hit by this, Urban Meyer is going to have to get involved.