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Alabama's Bo Scarbrough Tweets About Fan Incident: "Wish He Would've High-Fived Me Back"

Tennessee fans smiling.


Bo Scarbrough busted a huge touchdown run and put his hand in a Tennessee fan's face and that fan talked about the experience.

Alabama throttled Tennessee on Saturday, 49-10, and Bo Scarbrough put salt in Vols' fans wounds late in the game as he busted an 85-yard touchdown run and put his hand in the face of a fan.

That fan was interviewed after the game and spoke about the incident to He says that he wishes he would have just high-fived Scarbrough. Apparently, Scarbrough wishes the same.

The fan claims that he and Scarbrough made eye contact around the 20-yard-line.

It's great to see that both sides are laughing about the incident.