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Tennessee Could End Up Getting Screwed By This LSU-Florida Postponement

Florida and LSU aren't playing on Saturday. The game might not be made up.

Hurricane Matthew has forced Florida's home game against LSU to be postponed. While the schools - and the conference - are saying they're doing everything they can to make the game up at some point this season, it's (maybe very) possible that it won't happen.

Florida and LSU not playing this season might not affect the division races in the SEC. It also might end up screwing Tennessee. If this happens:

  • Tennessee loses two of its remaining six SEC games (among them: @Texas A&M, vs. Alabama) and finishes 6-2 in the conference.
  • Florida (which lost to Tennessee already this season) wins the rest of its SEC games (Georgia, @Arkansas among them) and finishes 6-1 in the conference.

Who would make the SEC Championship Game, a 6-2 Tennessee team (that beat Florida) or a 6-1 Florida team (that lost to Tennessee)? According to Kyle Tucker of SEC Country, the SEC has said - based on its league bylaws - that Florida would make it.

Butch Jones, Tennessee's head coach, is unsurprisingly saying that Florida and LSU have to play this game.

Yeah, this game has to be played.