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Tennessee Football Fan Paints Checkerboard On Father's Grave

Tennessee football fan painting orange and white checkers near a grave site.

A Tennessee football fan checkerboarded his father’s gravesite before the Vols game against Alabama.

Apparently, being a Tennessee football fan extends long after death. At least for one man, whose son painted the famous end zone checkerboard onto his gravesite. Jamie Beckler of Cleveland, Tennessee, spray-painted his father's gravesite with orange and white in checkerboard fashion.

According to East Tennessee man checkerboards father’s gravesite before Vols rivalry games">, it's a tradition that has lived on since Ricky Beckler passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008.

"He wasn’t real big on flowers. So, we thought of this and this became a tradition," said Jamie Beckler.

The Becklers seem to have their priorities straightened out at well. Jamie, decked out in a Tennessee hat and jacket, said Tennessee football has been at the top of his priority list for some time.

“God, family, and Tennessee football. Pretty much how it’s always been.”

The Volunteers are set for their stiffest test of the 2016 season Saturday when they host No. 1 Alabama.