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Tennessee Sent Email To Students Telling Them To Buy More Tickets

The Volunteers' attendance has been dropping.

Tennessee's football program is struggling on the season this year and, apparently, in the stands.

The Volunteers' attendance is dropping, to the point that the school sent out an email to all students, basically begging them to buy more tickets.

Tennessee was allowing students to buy up to eight tickets each for this weekend's game against South Carolina.

Here's the email, from Reddit CFB:

Tennessee sends email to students to increase ticket sales.

Reddit CFB.

10News in Tennessee verified that ticket sales have dropped for this weekend, but it's unclear if that's a direct result of the Vols (3-2) struggling.

10News can Verify, at 96,000 tickets, sales for the South Carolina game are below last season's average (100,968) and this season's average (98,931), but it is about same as the UMass attendance. However, any number of factors could be impacting this number, and there's no way to directly tie sales trends to the team's performance.

Tennessee and South Carolina are set to kick off at noon on ESPN.