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Texas A&M Students Taunting Josh Rosen With "50,000!" Chants

Josh Rosen might regret what he said about crowd noise prior to this game at Texas A&M.

UCLA's star quarterback said earlier in the week that "it all sounds about the same" after about 50,000 people.

Texas A&M is currently dominating UCLA, up 24-9 early in the fourth quarter. Rosen, believed by some to be a future No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick, is struggling. He's completed 16 of 31 passes for 166 yards and has thrown one interception. Texas A&M's student section has been taunting Rosen with "fifty thousand!" chants after incompletions. Here's video, from Sean Lester of the Dallas News:

Texas A&M's Kyle Field has a capacity of more than 100,000. Rosen's toughest road games last season were at Arizona, Utah and USC. Those might be tough environments, but they're likely not close to the atmosphere in College Station, Texas today.

The Aggies and the Bruins are playing on CBS.