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Texas Has To Fire Charlie Strong After The Kansas Loss, Right?

Texas lost to Kansas in football on Saturday. Charlie Strong is done, right?

Saturday morning, it was reported by ESPN's Brett McMurphy that after Houston's big win over Louisville, the Texas administration was getting "extreme pressure" from boosters to fire Charlie Strong and hire Tom Herman. Saturday night's result isn't going to help Strong's case for keeping his job.

Strong, who has yet to win more than six games in his three years on campus, saw his team lose to Kansas - a team that hadn't won a Big 12 game since 2014. The loss all-but-assures the fact that Strong won't be around when the 2017 season kicks off.

In fact, many aren't sure he'll survive the next 24 hours. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen an embarrassing loss lead to an impromptu firing.

Texas, at 5-6, has one game left - against TCU. While the year has no doubt been a disappointment, a win would give the Longhorns a 6-6 record and a chance to play in a bowl game. Though, at this point, we're not sure we'd even know who'd be coaching the team for it.