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This LEGO Reenactment Of "The Play" Between Texas And Oklahoma Is Incredible

A lego reenactment of a Texas vs. Oklahoma football game.


LEGOs are cool, but they're even cooler when reenacting one of the greatest plays in college football history. It's "The Play" between Texas and Oklahoma.

Texas and Oklahoma will do battle in the Red River Showdown this weekend marking the 111th meeting between the two schools. The two teams share a long history together, but there is one play that has stood the test of time for 15 years now.

We present to you "The Play" with a little help from some LEGOs and incredible camera work:

This is just so well done.

"The Play" occurred in 2001 when the Sooners led the Longhorns 7-3 with 2:06 left in the fourth quarter. Texas was backed up on their own three-yard line and couldn't afford a mistake.

As soon as Chris Simms got the snap, Roy Williams was already mid-air in a Superman like position. He proceeded to pop the ball right into Teddy Lehman's hands who scampered into the end zone securing the Sooner victory.

The Longhorns and Sooners kick off at 12:00 p.m. EST on Saturday.