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Texas Tech's QB Threw "Horns Down" Just Before His Team Blew A 15-Point Lead Late

Texas Tech's QB throwing horns down.

Texas Tech quarterback Alan Bowman played pretty well on Saturday night, but he might want to have one moment back.

Bowman, who finished 31-of-51 for 325 yards with five touchdowns and three interceptions, clearly thought his Red Raiders were going to take down No. 8 Texas after SaRodorick Thompson's 75-yard score with just over three minutes to play gave them a 56-41 lead.

Bowman, in celebration, flashed the "horns down" symbol to mock Texas. The Longhorns then stormed back to score 15 unanswered points in regulation. Texas then prevailed in overtime, 63-56.

The moment is going viral in the aftermath. It's being regarded as a premature celebration.

The comeback was certainly improbable - it involved an onside kick and some terrible defense by the Red Raiders. But it's always a bad idea to get ahead of yourself in college football. Anything can happen in the final few minutes of a game.

Regardless, Texas will keep its College Football Playoff hopes alive, which is more than Oklahoma did on Saturday. The Sooners lost a stunner to Kansas State despite a 21-point lead in the third quarter.