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The 10 Teams With The Best Playoff Odds After Louisville's Loss, Per 538

After Louisville's shocking loss to Houston yesterday, we count down the 10 teams with the best playoff odds, per 538.

Houston shocked Louisville and college football fans everywhere by absolutely dominatingLamar Jackson and the Cardinals Thursday night. And after being ranked No. 5 by the College Football Playoff committee on Tuesday, and having an outside chance of making the CFP, the Cardinals' chances of sneaking in are all but shot.

This loss, however, is great news for several teams. The main beneficiary being the Oklahoma Sooners, whose chances of making the CFP jumped the most, from 14 percent to 21 percent. It's not a great chance, sure, but it's a chance nonetheless.

In light of the loss, using FiveThirtyEight's projections, we've counted down the top 10 teams with the best odds of making the playoff.

Check out the 10 teams with the best chance to make the CFP below:

Here are the 10 teams with the best chance of making the College Football Playoff: