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The 5 Most-Talented Teams In The SEC, Per 247Sports

Here are the most-talented SEC teams.

247Sports has published its annual “Team Talent Composite” rankings.

Basically, it’s a ranking of every college football team in the country using star rankings to measure the talent on a given roster.

247Sports has added up the recruiting ranking of every player on a team’s roster to come up with the talent ranking.

Here are the five most-talented SEC teams.

1. Alabama (No. 1 nationally)

2. Georgia (No. 4 nationally)

3. LSU (No. 6 nationally)

4. Auburn (No. 8 nationally)

5. Tennessee (No. 12 nationally)

No surprises here. Five of the top 12 most-talented teams in the country are in the SEC, and three more programs from the conference rank in the top 20.

You can view the full rankings here.