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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Clay Travis Region

The 2016 NCAA Tournament field was unveiled Sunday night, meaning that for the next three days, college basketball fans will be spending their time filling out brackets. We here at College Spun have a different kind of challenge for you, however. We want you to help us determine the most annoying person in sports media. We’ve gone ahead and nominated 64 different candidates.

A few of the nominees – like Barstool Sports, Saturday Down South and SB Nation – are actually entities, rather than people. But you get the gist. We’ve also put ourselves on here, just in case you think that we’re actually the most annoying.

Let’s get started. You can vote on the Clay Travis region below:

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media

The 64 Most Annoying People in sports media bracket.

Vote On The Clay Travis Region Below

1. Clay Travis vs. 16. Jim Rome

Rome isn't burning anymore, but Clay's hot takes do enough melting for this entire field.

2. Dick Vitale vs. 15. Jim Nantz

Impossible to fall asleep when Vitale is on the broadcast. Impossible not to when it's Nantz.

3. Doug Gottlieb vs. 14. Ron Jaworski

Syracuse fans, among others, can't stand Gottlieb. Jaws' shtick is played out too.

4. Keith Olbermann vs. 13. Chris Chase

Olbermann can't figure out how to play nice in the sandbox. Chase is infamous for going against the grain. 

5. Erin Andrews vs. 12. Lee Corso

Some think Andrews looks annoyed all the time. Some don't like Corso's shenanigans each Saturday.

6. Kirk Herbstreit vs. 11. SB Nation's Twitter Mafia

Herbstreit gets it from basically every fan base, regardless of which teams he picks. Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni, Jason Kirk and Rodger Sherman are basically all the same person.

7. Max Kellerman vs. 10. Barstool Sports Guys

We're still not sure how Kellerman weaseled his way back onto ESPN. And you either love or hate Barstool.

8. Rick Reilly vs. 9. Todd McShay

Reilly had it first on Twitter, we're told. McShay's back-and-forth with Kiper could be its own category.

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